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About Us


Founded in 2001, PAIP is one of Manhattan’s leading providers of real estate services specializing in a variety of areas including acquisition, brokerage, development, financing and education.


PAIP’s comprehensive real estate advisory process frames our investment policy decisions. Our investment philosophy allows us to take the time to know our clients and their financial needs and concerns. Our clients value this collaborative approach thereby allowing us to build policy investment and management strategies that aligns with their plans and goals.


Precise focus
We are solely focused on real estate investment, development and management. How do we strive to achieve all our objectives? A well-thought-out investment process is a critical element of our success. This process emphasizes diversification and timely allocation of hard assets. We achieve your goals with a minimal level of downside risk. The strategies that we employ are designed to participate in up markets and outperform in down markets.


Thoughtful partnership
Our professionals have the knowledge, expertise, and ability to work as a team, therefore enabling us to produce enduring and innovative investment management strategies for our clients.


Competence and Service orientation
Our stability and independence attracts exceptional professionals seeking small firm client-to-employee ratios. This policy enables us to provide a rare level of personalized service.

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