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PAIP Management


PAIP Property Management Division was founded on the philosophy of hard work, integrity, accountability and transparency. Professionalism and unequivocal high ethical standards are the foundation of PAIP’s management principles.


Under PAIP’s guidance, clients have consistently benefited from company’s market expertise, skilled thoughtful advice and tactical recommendations. We offer a wide range of services from Strategic Portfolio Planning, Property Selection, Property Management, Tenant Relations, Accounting/Financial Services and Property Restoration and Development.


PAIP’s singular focus is to mitigate downside risks therefore maximizing investment profits for all managed portfolios. Whether you are a seasoned investor or inexperienced in the real estate investment arena, PAIP will prove to be an invaluable asset. Our sophisticated understanding of the New York City landscape encompasses all real estate categories ranging from Single Family Townhouses, Multi-Family Rental Dwellings, Cooperatives and Condominiums.


PAIP’s ability to offer seamless management services and enduring solutions has allowed us to build an impressive international client base. For over a decade, our collaborative approach has allowed us to work closely with our clients as PAIP partners.


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