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Guidelines and Standard Operating Procedure


PAIP is one of the most innovative real estate brokerage firms in New York focused on Asian investors. Our executives recognize the important role that a technologically sophisticated environment could play in the conduct of a service-based business in a rapidly evolving economy. As a result, PAIP is linked with all New York real estate databases to provide clients with ‘real-time’ listings, markets and resources.  Associates will also provide detailed and informative market reports, valuable economic insight and extensive research capabilities to empower clients when critical decisions are executed. Professional Development Program consists of our hands-on sessions with the founder, and outside affiliations with leading local trade organizations to be best trained representative and accurately represent clients in all real estate transactions. PAIP is based on the simple guiding principle that the mission of a service company must indeed be ‘service.’

Please be advised that prior to showing a purchaser or rental of a property:


(1) We do not require identification from a prospective purchaser or tenant, but the seller or landlord may request identification

(2) We do not require a purchaser or tenant  to sign an exclusive brokerage agreement

(3) We do not require a pre-approval for a mortgage loan in order to show a purchaser properties.


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