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Seller’s Guide:


1. Price of Property 

Our Marketing strategy is to explore the current market price of the property in that location for fair and competitive pricing.


2. Website Listing  

Your property will be widely marketed through our Website.


3. Advertisement  

Our medium of advertising is Streeteasy, Realplus, Zillow, Trulia, as well as social media.


4. We will be available to manage Open Houses at any given time should the need arise. Our office assistant will diligently contact our potential clients via telephone, electronic mails and direct mailings to keep them updated with our property listing.


5. You, the SELLER, will be frequently informed on the status of your property. Offers to purchase will be provided for your records. Our expertise in managing your property will reflect in the documents meticulously investigated and processed.


6. PAIP will be providing professional assistance throughout the negotiations. Our dependable team will be there with you until the sale is closed. Rest assured, we will provide you with personalized guidance until the process is over and you, the SELLER, is guaranteed a deal that is fair and satisfactory.


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