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EB-5 Visa


The EB-5 visa for Immigrant Investors is a United States Visa designed by the Immigration Act of 1990. This visa implements a method of obtaining permanent residence visa also called ‘green card’ for foreign nationals who invest money in the United States. To obtain the visa, individuals must invest $1,000,000 (or at least $500,000 in a “Targeted Employment Area” – high unemployment or rural area), creating or preserving at least 10 jobs for U.S. workers excluding the investor and their immediate family.


If the foreign national investor’s application is approved, the investor and their dependents will be granted conditional permanent residence valid for two years. Within the 90 day period prior to the conditional permanent residence expires, the investor must submit evidence reporting that the full required investment has been made and that 10 jobs have been maintained, or 10 jobs have been created or will be created within a reasonable time period.


Through the efforts and or objectives of the individual investor, Park Avenue International Partners assists in determining viable real estate projects to meet with USCIS EB-5 guidelines. Our experienced and seasoned team of specialists will be your guide in making informed decision before investing. PAIP will target investments in a diversified portfolio of real estate such as; Mixed-Use Buildings, Retail Stores, Hotels, and Multi-Family Residential Buildings.

Make New York City Real Estate investment your new venture and start acquiring the most sought after properties in the World while providing employment in your new home!

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